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EMPOWER Your Child To Unlock Their Full Potential, Raising ACTIVE, Confident, Resourceful, Happy, Resilient & Entrepreneurial Children, Who Are Ready To Succeed In Life! 

Get the FUNDA Greatness Book 177 printable activities and resources suitable for infant children aged 4-8 years and juniors who struggle academically, children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)


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Introduce your child to the FUNDA Greatness Book,
jam-packed with 177 resources/activities designed to help your child GROW!

FUNDA Greatness Book 177 Printable Resources (Digital Copy) 


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FUNDA Greatness Book
(Hard Copy) 

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 x177 Printable Activities/Resources
That Will Help Your Child GROW! No Teaching Or Lecturing Required...

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Your Child Will Learn How To: 

Take Responsibility

Set BIG Goals

GROW In Confidence

Be Disciplined

Develop A Positive Mindset 

Develop A Growth Mindset

Improve Mental Toughness

Practice Daily Habits

Improve Work Ethic 

Develop People & Life Skills

Improve Diet & Nutrition

Improve Concentration 

Improve Communication 

Respect Others

Deal With Bullying

 Make Money 

 Improve Hygiene 

Improve Fitness

Improve Manners

Own Skills For Life

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Meet The Author 

Kieran Fletcher Shouting Out

Hi, I'm Kieran.

I went to St Joseph's RC School, Stacksteads, Rossendale, Lancashire. 

I struggled academically in school, children and teachers used to make fun of me because I couldn't do the basic things they could. I was made to stand in the corner because I could not stand up and perform the 4x times tables.  My dream was to become a professional footballer. 

Here's a picture of me in the school football team... 

I nearly made it pro and was due to sign a three-year youth deal with Burnley Football Club, I was in touching distance of achieving my dream.

I just past my driving test and decided to go for a drive to Blackpool, on the way I lost control of my car on a bad bend... I crashed

Late that evening I was awake all night sitting at the bottom of my bed looking up at my trophy cabinet with all my medals, certificates and trophies inside thinking 

"What have I done".

My Mum knocked on my bedroom door, she sat beside me and said: "Sorry son, the little old lady has passed away".  

I'm sorry today and will never forget what happened that night. 

Ever since my accident, I've struggled to come to terms and accept what happened that night.

To help me cope, I turned to self-help books, education and learning.

I went onto college and then university where I passed out with a degree In Child Development and High-Performance Sports Coaching whilst at the same time juggling three part-time jobs teaching and coaching children. 

I wanted to become a primary school teacher and got accepted onto a PGCE teaching course at Edge Hill University, ranked Gold in the teaching excellence framework.  

My mission and newfound purpose in life is to make a positive difference to children's lives every day.

I lived with my parents at the time and saved up enough money from my part-time wages to buy a BIG inflatable and a rusty old van for £1,500.

My parents let me store the inflatable, sports equipment and resources inside their wooden shed, they weren't happy because it used to take up a lot of room. 

Here's a picture of my first inflatable...

I used to wake up every morning at 5:00am, pack my van and make my way to a local school for free to get children active, have fun, learn new skills and make a difference teaching children. 

Here's a picture of me back in the day, I've never had any hair...🤣

Fast-forward the clock, today FUNDA is a multi-award winning, voted one of the top 30 most exciting companies here in the North West, UK and officially recognised by her majesty the Queen. 👑

Kieran Fletcher Meeting HM The Queen

FUNDA employs 40 full-time educators, partners over 90 schools and I've published 13 books. Our FUNDA team makes a positive difference to thousands of children every day, we will never give up, our children need FUNDA.

FUNDA Active Success

COVID-19 is crushing our children's education, health, wellbeing and future. I'm witnessing this in our partnering schools.

I need to act now and use all my knowledge, experience, tools, resources and FUNDA team to help children reboot, bounce back and recover from a year like no other. We all have a part to play to provide a recovery curriculum for the COVID generation.

Children are spending more time sitting and less time doing. #Fact

Children have spent more time isolated inside than prison inmates. #Fact

During lockdown, parents contacted my FUNDA office crying out for help when it comes to homeschooling and teaching their children from home. I got to work by creating and gathering thousands of resources/activities and placed them online for parents to access anytime-anywhere. 

I then created the FUNDA Greatness Activity Book and got it published to be readily available for children, parents and home educators worldwide.

Now I have created the FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge to engage, inspire, motivate and empower children. Helping them GROW whilst raising confident, happy, active, resourceful and resilient children who will unlock their full potential and are ready to succeed in life.  

All the best,

This Book Will Help Your Child GROW!
Don't Just Take Our Word For It 

Child Happy With FUNDA Greatness
Child Taking Part In FUNDA Greatness
Funda Greatness Book Activities
My Future Map Activity

One Of Our Greatness Kids Showing Off Her Skills & Confidence On TV... 

"Maddy now plays football for Liverpool FC and England. Her talent was spotted at the age of five when she started attending FUNDA. Kieran spotted her hidden potential, I would recommend FUNDA Greatness to unlock your child's full potential".

Rebecca Duffy (Parent) 

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Parent & Child Happy

"Having The Best Time"

"FUNDA greatness, on-demand, is the most unique platform for children and parents that I have been on. Jasika Rae has started navigating her way around and is having the best time. The dashboard of activities, stories and games are perfectly tailormade for their ever-growing mind and have been cleverly designed. Even I have been taught a thing or two. With new tasks etc, being added from the start. The site is easily accessed with straightforward instructions of how to travel round to each link of FUNDAtasic greatness. 

- Tracy 'Sunter' Bond - 

Parent Loves FUNDA Greatness

"So Much To Choose From"

It's fun, there's so much to choose from online. A wide range of topics that genuinely kids are interested in. Our girl is a typical highly active 7yr old so we very much appreciate all the games and physical activities etc. We love taking part outside, all are based on the FUNDAmentals of learning. We've poured over tonnes of resources from across the internet and various recommendations from educators/ friends but we find FUNDA's the most user friendly, interactive and suitable for all that we've come across. We know your FUNDA team have worked hard to get all this content out and it shows. Thanks again.

- Alie Salford  - 

Greatness Parent Picture

"The Best"

Absolutely recommend just watching the video podcast tonight from Kieran at FUNDA about FUNDA Greatness online to help our children through this difficult COVID-19 time. With school, closures is a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful to him and the FUNDA team for allowing us to help our children. The best home education around.

- Donna Neal - 

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