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How To Unlock Your Child's FULL Potential

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Kieran Fletcher Shouting Out

Hi, I'm Kieran.

I struggled in school. I'm dyslexic. 

I was an active learner and a destructive participant in the classroom, I had teachers and children make fun of me for not being able to do basic things they could. 

I was however great at one thing, playing sports, getting active and taking part in Physical Education lessons. I was gifted and talented at football. 

Football was the only thing that could keep my attention, concentration and focus, so much so that I wanted to become a professional footballer. 

I came close to achieving my dream until one night, I had a near-fatal car accident, that made me re-evaluate my life choices. I turned to education and found a love for learning. 

I decided to coach and teach children multi-sports, physical activities, games and creative play. Whilst attending University many years ago, I woke up with one of those lightbulb moments and started to jot down my ideas.

That night I created FUNDA; this was when the FUNDA brand was born back in 2006, many years ago.

I make a positive difference to children lives every day, empowering millions of children to get active, have fun and believe in themselves - No matter what!

Today I am a multi-award-winning Entrepreneur, employ over 40 full-time employees, partner over 90 schools and get thousands of children active all year round.

FUNDA's been identified as one of the North West most exciting companies here in the UK. (Insider Magazine 2020)

FUNDA Active Success

FUNDA is proud to be officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen, who said;

“Keep Up The Excellent Work And Efforts With What You Deliver To Children And Our Communities. I look Forward To Meeting You Once Again In The Near Future”.

Her Majesty The Queen Of England

Kieran Fletcher Meeting HM The Queen

Today we are all going through a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that is crushing our children's education, health, wellbeing, personal development and future. 

I want to use all my knowledge and experience to help children reboot and bounce back from COVID-19. Today children are spending more time sitting and less time doing. Children have spent more time isolated inside than prison inmates. #Fact

During COVID-19 lockdown parents contacted me crying out for help when it comes to homeschooling their kids. I got to work by creating hundreds of resources and activities for kids and placed them online for parents to access.

The positive feedback I received was overwhelming and I would like to thank all those parents who provided your feedback and sent pictures into FUNDA of your kids taking part. 

Right now, children are spending too much time away from school, isolating and away from their friends. I want to help your child reboot and bounce back from COVID-19 supporting their education, health and future. 

That's why I've created the FUNDA Greatness Book and Journal for children. 

Introduce your child to my book and let them complete the activities inside... 

 ...I can't wait to see my book in your child's hands, remember to share your pictures and GREATNESS journey with me.  

Best regards,

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