Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

Children today struggle to bounce back, show resilience and understand that when you fail, you learn...

Nov 12, 2020 By

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"Mindset is what separates the best from the rest". 

The world is such a challenging place for us adults right now let alone children. Children are spending too much time isolated, they are spending more time sitting and less time doing and they are not training their minds to GROW and learn. 

This blog post will briefly share with you the difference between a GROWTH and Fixed Mindset, it will also share a fun, engaging activity to download, print and use to support your child's mindset, helping your child understand the difference between a growth and fixed mindset. 

A Fixed Mindset Person

A Fixed Mindset person is someone who's stuck in their ways, narrow-minded, most often than not #Negitive and when you talk to them they drain all your energy and pretty much believe that nothing is possible. 

Here's what people say:  

  • I'm never going to understand this. 
  • I'm no good at this. 
  • I've never been good at this anyway. 
  • I wasn't born to be smart! 


A Growth Mindset Person

A Growth Mindset person is someone who believes in their talents, works hard. They love trying new strategies, enjoys receiving both negative and positive feedback from others. A GROWTH mindset person believes that anything is possible, they're a joy to be around, remain positive and will naturally achieve more with a GROWTH mindset. 

A GROWTH mindset person will naturally have a better outlook on life.

Here's what people say: 

  • I'm so good at this 
  • I'm really working hard at this.
  • I believe I will achieve my goals. 
  • I'm on the right track. 
  • I should try a different strategy. 
  • I can't do this YET!


GROWTH Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset Activity For Kids  

It's time to turn off all distractions around you, give your child a shout, download, print and complete this fun, engaging activity with your child.

Read all the mindset statements on page number two, cut them out and sort them into the right column [Growth Mindset] or [Fixed Mindset]. 



I've had to work really hard to develop a GROWTH Mindset, today I share the importance of having a GROWTH mindset with all my FUNDA team. We regularly challenge each other, provide critical feedback and provide an environment at FUNDA HQ that creates a GROWTH mindset environment. We love feedback, we listen to feedback and we action feedback.  

This fun engaging activity will support your child's GROWTH mindset and really get them to think about how they can approach tasks, their work or any activity moving forward. A GROWTH mindset will get your child to say: 

  • I'm so good at this 
  • I'm really working hard at this.
  • I believe I will achieve my goals. 
  • I'm on the right track. 
  • I should try a different strategy. 
  • I can't do this YET!

Please send me your completed work, ideas, photos and videos of your child completing this activity to our Private Facebook Community Group we would love to see your progress.  

Meet The Author 

Kieran Fletcher - The Founder Of FUNDA 

Kieran is the founder of multi-award winning FUNDA, one of the top-30 most exciting organisations in the North West, UK. FUNDA is officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen of England. FUNDA aims to EMPOWER millions of children's, making a positive difference every day. "I hate writing in the third person, I struggle writing because I'm Dyslexic, yet I know how to engage, inspire, motivate and empower children's lives. It all starts with my FUNDA Greatness book jam-packed with 177+ activities for kids: Learn More! 



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