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Take part in the FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge for the chance to WIN a Family holiday of a lifetime or £1,000k cash prize...

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This year (2020) has been an absolute write off.

COVID-19 has disrupted so many peoples lives, some people have lost their loved ones, others have lost their jobs and are struggling to provide for their family. 

Children have missed school, lost out on a year's worth of education and children are not socially interacting with their friends and this is affecting children's education, health, wellbeing and future. 

We must all play our part to support what I'm calling the COVID Generation so that these children can reboot and bounce back from a year like no other. 


Kieran The Founder Of FUNDA: Why Me?

My name is Kieran Fletcher, I'm the founder of FUNDA. FUNDA is a multi-award winning; Education, Children's Activity and Childcare Provider.

FUNDA is one of the top 30 most exciting organisations, partners over 90 primary schools, provides cost-effective childcare for thousands of parents and empowers children's lives every day. FUNDA is officially recognised by her majesty the Queen.

But why me, I ask myself this question every day :) 

I've spent my life teaching and coaching children up and down the country. I support teachers with their professional development and I've created resources, books and curriculum that's proven to engage, inspire, motivate and empower ALL children to learn, get active whilst having fun at home, in school and during the school holidays.

I'm a parent myself and I love making a positive difference to children's lives every day. 

Teaching and coaching children it's my passion, why I love doing what I do and it's what makes my heart sing.

I now have a loyal, specially trained team of FUNDA Educators who all share my core values and will go above and beyond to make a positive difference every day.  


My Own Experience #Parenting  

The only time I get to spend quality time with my two boys is at the weekend. Theo aged (4) and Louie aged (1). We normally go to the park for a walk, on an adventure to get some fresh air whilst getting active as much as possible. 

Theo my eldest is such an active learner, he's a typical happy, disruptive boy who loves going on adventures, asking lots of questions and he's got a really big imagination.

I try my best to encourage Theo to go and play, wonder, discover and make lots of mistakes because as we all know this will build his resilience, encourage his imagination and resourcefulness using the natural world around us. 

Normally Theo would be meeting up with his friends, we would walk together and he would get lost in a world full of social interaction, challenges, games, discovery play, mistakes, bumps and scrapes whilst communicating more with others his own age.

However due to COVID-19, this has been a struggle for my boys, it really breaks my heart, it makes me anxious knowing that Theo at such a crucial age is missing out on all that social interaction with others his own age that is crucial for those critical skills like communication, listening, reflecting, sharing, caring etc. 

I guess so many other parents feel the same right now and are worried about their child's education, health, wellbeing and future.   


Questions From Parents: 

1. How can I help my child bounce back from COVID-19? 

2. How can I support my child's education, learning and personal development from home? 

3. How can I go above and beyond to support children's emotional and physical development?  

4. How can I give your child the extra support they need to make progress?

5. How can I help my child catch up, boost self-confidence, resilience and make sure that this year ends in a positive way?

6. What activities and resources are available to engage and motivate my child to learn from home whilst supporting my child's education, health, wellbeing, fitness and personal development?

If you're asking these same questions or just want to go above and beyond for your child then the FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge is for you.  

The FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge 

The FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge will provide you with busy parents with activities and resources that will create the perfect recovery environment and curriculum to help your child reboot and bounceback from COVID-19 from home supporting your child's: 

  • Education 
  • Health 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Personal Development  

Children have been through enough this year and I and my FUNDA team are going to go above and beyond to EMPOWER your child and we need your help. 

Take part, you get the chance to WIN a family holiday of a lifetime or £1,000k CASH. 

The FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge might seem like a long time, however, all you've got to do is:


Step 2: Get the FUNDA Greatness Book at a special discounted price, packed with 177 activities, practically giving my book away that's taken me over 2 years to create. 

Step 3: Introduce your child to the book, follow the instructions, email tips, advice, support and guidance leading up to the 5-Day Challenge - getting ready for the challenge to start on the 18th-22nd December 2020. The WINNER of the Holiday or £1,000 cash prize will be announced on Christmas Day. 

How good would it make you feel knowing you've paid for all your Christmas presents or that you are going on holiday in the new year after COVID-19.The challenge will get your child excited leading up to Christmas, whilst supporting their health, wellbeing, education and future.   


I need your help!

I and my FUNDA team are not looking for every parent to take part in the FUNDA Greatness 5-Day Challenge, we are looking for parents who are willing to do whatever it takes to EMPOWER your child's life.

We will help your child reboot, bounceback and recover from COVID-19: 

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Improve Mental Toughness 
  • Get Active 
  • Learn New Skills 
  • Develop A Growth Mindset 
  • Become More Positive 
  • Improve Self-Belief 
  • Improve Communication 
  • Build Resilience 
  • Have Fun 
  • Hygiene 
  • Importance Of Personal Development 
  • How To Help Around The Home 
  • How To Respect And Care For Others

Plus; so many more benefits as to why you should REGISTER your place.

Take part and introduce your child to the 5-Day FUNDA Greatness Challenge joining hundreds of children starting on the 18th-22nd December 2020.

You must be in it, to WIN the holiday or £1,000k CASH prize.

The WINNER will be announced on Christmas Day by Kieran the founder of FUNDA. 


Meet The Author 

Kieran Fletcher - The Founder Of FUNDA 

Kieran is the founder of multi-award winning FUNDA, one of the top-30 most exciting organisations in the North West, UK. FUNDA is officially recognised by Her Majesty the Queen of England. FUNDA aims to EMPOWER millions of children's, making a positive difference every day. "I hate writing in the third person, I struggle writing because I'm Dyslexic, yet I know how to engage, inspire, motivate and empower children's lives. It all starts with my FUNDA Greatness book jam-packed with 177+ activities for kids: Learn More! 



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